Willow Street Pike Sewer Main Replacement


Suburban Lancaster Sewer Authority (SLSA) is planning for the replacement of the sanitary sewer pipes in the 1800 and 1900 block of Willow Street Pike area. The existing sewer pipes (vitrified clay/terra cotta pipe) were installed over 50 years ago and have deteriorated considerably. The sewer pipes need to be replaced with modern, more durable and watertight pipe materials.

Sanitary sewer pipes in this area run through the backyards of the residences, rather than in the street, as shown on the map below. In an effort to minimize earth disturbance of residences in this area, SLSA plans to install the new sanitary sewer piping using a trenchless pipe replacement method (pipe bursting). Pipe bursting involves inserting/pulling new pipe through the existing pipes, rather than open cutting and removal of the existing piping. By employing pipe bursting, excavations will generally be limited to areas around existing and new sewer manholes and to areas where individual homeowner service lines will be reconnected to the new sewer main.



  • Planning: September 2021
  • Utility Easement Acquisition: Sewer easement agreements were mailed to the residents in November 2021 for signature, notarization and return.
  • Engineering Design and Permitting: November 2021
    • On-site topographic surveying completed December 2021
  • Bidding for Construction: May 2022
  • Construction: July 2022
  • Completion: October 2022



CDM Smith Inc.
280 Granite Run Drive, Suite 160
Lancaster, PA 17601
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

  • Tom Donahue (Project Manager)  – Donahuetc@cdmsmith.com (717)-581-8540
  • Adam Smith (Project Engineer)     – Smithan@cdmsmith.com (717)-581-8526
  • Abraham King (Project Engineer) – Kingaj@cdmsmith.com (717)-581-8529



September 2021 Resident Meeting – PowerPoint

What is Pipe Bursting – Video

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