No Sump Pumps

SLSA would like to remind all residents that sump pump and downspout connections into the sanitary sewer system are not allowed and must be eliminated. The Authority requests your cooperation in adhering to this policy and asks that any unauthorized connections be disconnected immediately.

Whenever rainwater is introduced into a sanitary sewer system, it results in increased costs for sewage treatment, and thus, can increase rates for sewer customers. SLSA has noticed an increase in the pump-run hours at some of their pumping stations coincident with wet weather events, suggesting that unauthorized connections to the sanitary sewer system might exist. Therefore, SLSA requests that if sump pump or downspout connections exist at your property, they be voluntarily eliminated in an effort to reduce the flow of rainwater into the sewer system.

SLSA’s major concern with these connections is the long-term consequence of this problem not being resolved, namely, a potential increase in future SLSA sewer rates. Therefore, your cooperation in SLSA’s efforts to eliminate such connections is beneficial to you as well as the Suburban Lancaster Sewer Authority. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the Authority’s engineer, CDM Smith Inc. at (717) 560-7500.